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Designer Clothing

Dog Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Tuxedos & Acc.
Designer dog tuxedos, wedding dresses & exclusive pet bridal attire.

As the popularity of dog weddings increases, we offer beautifully crafted custom designer dog wedding gowns, boy dog tuxedos, wedding leashes and collars, ring bearer dog outfits, designer dog dresses to match your wedding party, and even bridal garters for your dog. Our dogs have become family, with that in mind many people want to include their best friend in their wedding plans as well. Whether your dog is getting married or is a member of your bridal party, we offer a designer dog clothing solution. With careful examination of the event and it's location, we can suggest just the right pet wedding clothing for your pet.

What fabrics are dog wedding gowns created from?
What are some common wedding requirements?
Dressing my dog in bridal gowns or boy dog tuxedos?

My Uptown Pooch proudly offers Emma Rose Design custom pet wedding attire. From elaborate dog wedding gowns with hand beading and crystals, to a simple canine cotton dress, our designer wedding gowns have obtained national recognition as written by Forbes, the New York Post, and many other magazines throughout the world. In fact, one of our wedding fashions was created for the Fox television program "The Early Show with Mike and Juliet" for a dog nuptial episode which aired on Valentines Day 2007.

Emma Rose Design offers private consultations at any location with the client providing expenses. These luxury dog gowns are for the high fashion dog. Couture wedding gowns are one of a kind and are created with your dogs measurements and your ideas. Please call for details on obtaining a private consultation for any important event.

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Dog Wedding Dress

What type of fabrics are used to create an Emma Rose dog wedding dress?

Our dog wedding gowns are created with dogs comfort and beauty in mind. We offer cotton dresses to silk chiffon. Any fabric available may be considered for your dogs wedding day. You may even have your dog be a second bride and match your wedding gown.


Details and questions you need to address for a dogs wedding.

Planning your wedding with your dog? You should consider these suggestions to ensure smooth sailing on the special day.

  1. Call where the ceremony will be held to be sure your dog will be allowed.
  2. Have someone standing by, in the event your dog needs to leave the ceremony.
  3. Realize there is a lot of activity at a reception. Maybe your dog should be taken home where he or she can settle down. You don’t want him/her trampled at the reception while everyone is dancing.
  4. Do you want your dog to match your maid of honors dress or bridesmaids?
  5. An adult is better to walk a dog down the isle rather than a child, as children tend to offer less control of the pet. Let the flower girl be a flower girl and do not give her the responsibility of caring for your pet.


Wedding dresses, dog tuxedos and dressing your pets

Does a pets wedding gown have to ivory or white?
We have created many bridal gowns for pets in a variety of colors. My Uptown Pooch offers pink wedding gowns which are just beautiful. Our customers will add color embellishments to their wedding attire for their dog. Swarovski offers many choices from colored pearls to crystals.

Can a small dog wear wedding gowns with trains?
Yes small dogs can wear our dog clothing with trains. We use a lighter weight fabric embroidered organza, chiffon, and tulle are some of the choices we suggest when a train is requested for a dog five pounds and under. It is very common for us to create a bridal gown with a train for a small dog. A train can be up to six foot for a dog four pounds. Most trains requested are removable leaving a beautiful high fashion dog dress your small dog can wear on numerous occasions.

Large Dogs in Wedding attire.
Wedding clothing for large dogs is created the same way as a small dog. The only difference is the amount of fabric. Remember if you large dog is not use to wearing dog clothing and you decided you want to put a long flowing gown on her she might just roll around the ground until it is ruined. This is possible and has happened. If your dog is not use to clothing a simpler wedding gown should be chosen. Not one with a ten foot train. If your dog does wear designer clothing then the choice is yours. A male dog usually wears a tuxedo or a ring bearer outfit ..

How do you measure my dog for a wedding gown?
You measure your dog the same way for a high fashion designer dog wedding dress as you would any other piece of dog clothing. For the proper measurement, measure around the neck, then around the girth in back of front legs not in the middle of the belly and the length from neck to tail. If this is a girl dog you may like your dress to go beyond the tail depending on the breed of dog you have. Some dog’s tails curl up and this is not possible.

How long does it take to receive a custom dog wedding gown?
If you order a gown, the time it will take to make depends greatly on the detail of your pets dress.
For example, if you order a simple bridal satin with a prefabricated trim your dress will be done in less than a week. If you choose a silk fabric with lots of hand beading and a long flowing train that looks like the queen should be wearing it your dress could take a few months to complete. This type of gown would be considered couture which consists of a lot of handwork. It is very difficult to give an answer to this question with out discussing the details of your gown. The average dog gown with train without a lot of hand work usually is completed within two weeks. Please contact us for more information. The costs of these dog bridal gowns range from $75.00 to $10,000.00 dollars.

What is a dog ring bearer outfit? Does he carry the wedding rings?
A ring bearer outfit for a dog is either a tuxedo or a band around the waist with a collar that a white satin pillow attaches to. The ring pillow is detachable and has ribbons that can hold the wedding rings safely. Or faux rings may be attached if your wedding bands are very expensive. We also carry matching leashes the wedding tuxedo for your dog.

My Uptown Pooch sincerely hopes these statements have answered some of your questions and will make your shopping experience pleasurable. With a flair for high fashion and style we can help create the special day including your very best friend, your dog. Our bridal clothing has appeared in Forbes, The New York Post, Many magazines human as well as dog and continues to attract high levels of interest through out the globe. We take as much pride in our lower price line as we do in our couture dog line of designer clothing. Why invite relatives that you haven’t seen in years to a wedding when you can have your trusty pet companion by your side the dog who loves you no matter how you look and even when your cranky. Well on second thought invite the relatives also they might give great gifts. Enjoy!



My Uptown Pooch specializes in Designer Dog Clothing by Emma Rose Design. For the discriminating Pooch, we carry Pet Jewelry by Dorothy Bauer, Designer Carriers, such as "Puchi Bags",and "CeCe Kent ". We have many luxury pet items available, which include custom collars, hair bows, dog beds, super soft "Comfy Spot" pet blankets, custom designed pet tuxedos, dog bridal gowns, casual vests and even Formal Dog Gowns. Holidays will always be special with our delightful Christmas Dog Clothing. We design and craft our designer pet attire with either standard or custom neck and belly measurements along with the most standard lengths. We design and craft our designer pet attire with either standard or custom neck and belly measurements along with the most standard lengths.

Our designer dog clothing line features elegant, casual, Signature Couture, Formal Dresses, Holiday Pet Clothes, Dog Wedding Gowns, Doggy Coats, Pet Harness Clothes for the small or large canine, and pet accessories with you, and your special pet in mind. We know you'll love shopping at My Uptown Pooch.

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