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Measuring Your Dog

Standard Sizes For Emma Rose Design


How to use standard sizing?
Custom Dog Measurement?

Standard Sizing

For Ordering Standard Sizes Please Order By Length Only Enter size Only Do Not Enter Neck and Girth Measurement.

Size 6 available but will be considered custom. There are no returns on size 6 with the exception of a defective product. Size six will fit a dog from 12 oz to 1 lb .

We have updated our sizing chart for the most common sizes. Please order custom for all others including Dachshunds, For dachsunds we must use custom for correct fit on the belly tabs. When ordering your dog clothing, please send an email if possible with the type of dog you have and the proper measurements. We want you to be pleased with your purchase and make sure you have a perfect fit. Have questions? Please contact me at 401-624-3259 . We are also showing the perfect size that means if your dog fits these measurements ther will be no velcro showing at all and no overhang of fabric. We do add enough velcro to expand the clothing for the slightly larger pet. You may also overlap the velcro to make your neck smaller or girth smaller. I hope this expains the perfect size and how it will fit other than the perfect size dog clothing.


Size 8        Neck 6-8                   Girth 10 to 12                        Length 8"

The perfect size 8 is 7 1/2 neck 11 1/2 Girth and a length of 8

Sizes 10     Neck 7-9"                 Girth 12 to 13                        Length 10"

The perfect size 10 is 8 1/2 neck Girth 12 1/2 and a length of 10

Size 12      Neck  8-10"              Girth 13 to 15                         Length 12"

A perfect size 12 is 9" neck a girth of 14 and a length of 14

Size 14      Neck 10"-14"            Girth 15 to 18                         Length 14

A perfect size 14 is a 12 " neck Girth of 16 1/2 and length of 14




For our Stores you can make your own standard lengths. Just send me what you would like your measurements to be for a size and we can add that information to our data base. There are so many size dogs that it is difficult to get the perfect fit unless you custom order. Example Susies Bark and Sniff Her dogs that purchase clothing are on the chubby side. So she has set up a standard size 10 to have a 13-15 inch girth and a 8 to 10 neck. She no longer needs to be bothered when she orders to put in all the sizing we know that her standard 12 is different. Still need help? Please email me. We work closely with our customers to assure they will return happy customers. When we make you happy your customers will be happy also.


For exact sizing, please use our "Custom Order Sizing". You will choose size by Length and then enter Your own Neck & Girth Sizes.

Custom Order Sizing

Sizes are by "Length 8, 9, 10 ,11, 12,13,14,15 or 16" with custom belly and neck sizes as indicated below.

(How to Measure)

Measure from the neck to the base of the tail (or where you would like the garment to stop along the back).

Measure  the distance between the back of the foreleg and the front of the hind leg.

Neck Measurement
Measure the circumference of the neck.

Girth /Chest
Measure from in back of front legs
Measure from the top of the shoulder to the floor.



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