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High Fashion Pet Clothing and accessories for the modern dog
Distinctive designer dogclothing, coats, dresses, wedding attire for small dogs.
Welcome to My Uptown Pooch, your home for designer dog clothing, formal canine wedding attire accessories and pet accessories. At My Uptown Pooch, we provide high fashion dog coats, canine bridal gowns and small dog tuxedos, signature designer couture clothing, custom Emma Rose designer pet clothing, dog sweaters, denim dog clothes for the funloving dog, dog carriers, Swarovski dog collars and leads, soft dog blankets, and pet jewelry to pampered pooches across the globe. We offer the best in dog clothing from a basic cotton harness vest to an elegant formal pet gown.

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designer pet clothing Designer outfits that will compliment you dog
What's the difference between designer and mass produced dog clothes?
The clothing design process
Clothes for Dogs
Designer Dog Dress

We are an online boutique providing pet lovers with distinctive designer dog clothes for the small and large dog, puppy apparel, pet toys, collars, harnesses and leashes, dog dresses, the finest dog blankets on the market, and high fashion dog carriers. Select the link to view our latest collection of designer dog clothing by Emma Rose.

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What is the difference between designer, formal, casual dog clothing or pet couture?

Designer dog clothing is all of the above, offering high fashion, one-of-a-kind or custom clothes for your pet. The difference between formal and casual dog clothing is often the type of fabric and design, with both considered as designer dog clothing. formal dog-clothing is made with expensive fabrics, such as organza, tulle, and has a formal flair such as we would dress for a formal occasion. The casual line is cotton and knit dog clothes.

Signature Dog Couture is our special line. These clothing items are designed and finished exclusively by myself Carol Blanchette and my partner Sherry Raposa. These high fashion dog items are crafted with high quality fabrics and entail hand sewing and usually hand beading. These items are usually very limited to the design or are often one of a kind. These items are the finest dog items that Emma Rose Design offers.


Clothing that compliments your dog

Our designer line is created to be both functional and wonderfully appealing. As an example, many short haired pets cringe to go outside during winter in colder climates. Emma Rose Design creates designer dog coats to keep your fury friend warm, yet unlike cheap covers, your dogs coat is fitted, fashionable and durable. In addition, we design outfits that set you and your pooch apart from the masses.


The pet clothing design process

The first step in creating our dog-clothing is coming up with the designs. At Emma Rose Design, we create our items by first looking at the fabric, then draping the fabric looking at the design of the fabric and how it hangs. From there, the design-ideas start to flow. Once we have a general design, we follow these simple steps to ensure the final design will meet our high standards.

  1. The final design will compliment the dogs.
  2. The type of dog that will be wearing the designed clothing.
  3. The safety and comfort of your pet.
  4. The care of the finished dogs outfit.

Now that those steps have been carefully examined we then cut a prototype. Knowing that just designing a great dog product is not enough, the finishing and quality of the product are two important steps. You can design a beautiful dog gown on paper, but can you actually produce this stunning dog ensemble? That is wear our company does its best work. We design and sew all our own outfits and even provide custom sizes for the individual dogs. . As with people, not all dogs are the same size. Some are tall and thin, some short and stout like a pug, or tiny and petite dogs.



My Uptown Pooch specializes in designer small dog clothing by Emma Rose Design. We offer fine Pet Jewelry, Small Dog Carriers, such as "Puchi Bags", and CeCe Kent. We have many luxury pet items available, which include designer pet collars, hair bows and accessories, luxurious dog beds, super soft "Comfy Spot™" pet blankets, custom designed pet tuxedos, dog wedding dresses, vests and even pet Spa Products. We design and craft our designer pet attire with either standard or custom neck and belly measurements along with the most standard lengths.

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